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What is the color of snow in the dark?

Dark snow I suppose
Whatever .. i like the idea that the colour is clean
It’s orange
Silver … that’s how I remember it from my childhood
When I drive my car into snowy fields at night, I have feeling that it is Blue
In my opinion indescribable…:)
White is not a color, so it’s no color

Dark !!!!
Dark wet
Getting close!
Well, the spectrum will be approximately infra red
Depends on the country, completely different in each
I heard that the color is not the attribute of matter, so no color. Wow, I almost pissed a little in my trousers
Here in Sheffield it if the color of steel for sure, but in Edinburgh it had much nicer accent while snowing
Snow color?
Snow is of a color that depends on the surrounding. E.g. if you come back home from darkness today and it will be on your shoes, the color will not matter, because you will have to clean the mess anyway…
In my opinion it reflects our mood and depends on how we see it 🙂
Depends on the color of the darkness.
Tastes like ice coffee.
Yum, feel like having a sip if it wasn’t night now.
Coffee is hiding the future… cold, whole day long, naked … omen of the ideas for new songs … try.
All the above would make a great rap :-).
Like the song “ Only time will show“…:D Rap about us :D.
Frank Zappa sang dont eat yellow snow… – he does not say if during the day or at night … so….).
But what did he mean.

(this is the creation of my friends on FCB last year, just for you to remeber thata huge amount of snow falls down every year, noj only now. Shina)

Black hole on snow from Dano Longital on Vimeo.

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