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the American adventures of a boy and a girl…

Just a sketch today, I am hoping to get back to this experience soon: We’ve been to America and also a little bit of Canada. Our second trip of this kind was more relaxed, 6 concerts in 22 days and four entirely different cities to explore.

After fifteen years we have returned, almost involuntarily, to places which stand like memorials at the beginning of our relationship, Coney Island, baby:-) and Niagara Falls. A lot of water ran through them both since (yes, the same which runs through our lyrics, vaporising and falling on the Carpathians and into the Danube, who knows?)

From New York we bear you greetings from Marketa Irglova, who is now recording her second solo album on Iceland. The wind still blows in Chicago, breaking the waves on the shore, just like by the sea (water again :-). Thank you Igor Mikoláška for a soul asylum! 2 concerts and a lot of travelling between – exactly 29 hours – by train to Austin, which at the end of every March changes to a giant ant colony for highly specialised ants.

SXSW Festival attracts thousands of musicians every year and to tell you the truth, it is hard to survive at times. Thank God, we spent a lot of time off the festival in the country (thanks Tom Besson :-), often sitting at the terrace, listening to music we had never listened to before (Gillian Welch, Nickel Creek among many others..), eating uncommon foods (tex mex) and enjoying an almost tropically warm, fortunately cloudy weather. 2 concerts and even longer trip from Austin to Toronto.

It was our first time in Toronto, and we were really lucky to have a host (thank you Richard Štilicha 🙂 The conference was amazing, we met many important people from the music industry, picked their brains and I have also managed to knit about 20cm of shawl – no time wasted! 2 concerts and a flight overseas back to Prague.

After about 8 years we played a unique concert “Departure”, at Roxy with drummer – Milan Cais – whom we have to thank for choosing this opportunity and rehearsing it with us. We played five of our songs together, on Tata Bojs song. It was a unique experience, especially for us, never to be repeated in such length, not recorded. Just that you would know that there is no next time, except for NOW (Teraz) and We’re not to repeat ourselves! (Nebudeme se opakovat)

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