[Slnko Records, 2019]

„Priznaj si, že ti svet unikol a nechápeš, čo sa tu deje, že nestíhaš vnímať všetko, čo sa v tej rýchlosti odvíja, ako keď ti z rúk vypadne záchodový papier"...

[Slnko Records, 2016]

Divoko means wildly. The album was recorded in the protected White Carpathian Mountains, reflecting freedom, wilderness and unconditional love.

Written and performed by
Shina: vocal, bass
Marián Slávka: piano, drums, vocal
Daniel Salontay: guitars, ukulele, bows, vocal
Ondřej Ježek: guitar, pedal steel, piano, noises
Ondřej Galuška: trombone

produced, mixed and mastered by: Ondřej Ježek
executive producer and tech support: Ondrej Geče
Slnko Records 2016

[Slnko Records, 2016]

Live recording with string quartet at the opening concert of Konvergencie Festival 9/10 2015

Performed by
Longital - Shina (voc, bass, bow), Dano Salontay (guitars, bow, voc), Marián Slávka (drums, piano)
String quartet Štefan Filas (1st violin), Milan Adamec (2nd violin), Slavo Solovic (viola) a Jozef Lupták (cello).

Recording: Martin Čema/Cobra Sound
Mix & mastering: Slavo Solovic

[Slnko records, 2015]

On their new album, Longital have returned to acoustic sound and older songs from previous albums Výprava/Voyage, Gloria, Teraz/Now and September. Studio album A to je všetko? / Is that all? was arranged and recorded with Marian Slávka, drummer and keyboard player who has returned to the band after 13 years break.

Shina: bass, bow, vocal
Daniel Salontay : guitars, bow, vocal
Marián Slávka: drums, piano, vocal
Ondřej Ježek: producer, sounds, e-bow guitar

[Slnko records, 2013]

Original musical soundtrack: collaboration of Longital, GUnaGU and elledanse theatre . written by: Viliam Klimáček. Choreographer: Šárka Ondrišová, Radoslav Piovarči

Recorded in October 2013.
Performed by: Shina, Daniel Salontay, Tomáš Palonder, Petra Humeňanská, Zuzana Šebová, Martin Meľo. 
Sound: Daniel Salontay 


[Slnko records, 2010]

The album was recorded live 20th of May 2010 in the "A4 nultý priestor" club in Bratislava, Slovakia. Contains the songs from Gloria and Výprava/Voyage albums. Disponible only in MP3 format on http://www.slnkorecords.sk/sr_album.php?id=75, just click on the link Stiahnuť zadarmo. It's free.

[Slnko records, 2010]

Everyone has some kind of passion inside, something what one can do for others best, unlike no one else, from the very center of one's being, may it be the most banal thing in the world, such as assisting someone in a shop, or sweeping the street. By doing this one becomes part of the puzzle that makes this world complete and simultaneously finds oneself as indispensable being, standing firmly in its place. The album Teraz/Now is about taking this place here and now, and living joyfully with all the quests and obstacles, that are laid before us.

[Slnko records, 2009]

This album presents a collection of remixes of the original tracks from album Longital: Vy?prava/Voyage (released by Slnko Records in fall 2006). The call for remixes was announced by Radio_FM Bratislava and Radio 1 Prague. We received over 50 great tracks by artists from eight European countries in June 2008 from which we created this selection. Thanks to all artists who put their talent into our music.

[Slnko records, 2008]

There is a psychedelic version of the end of the world, where fish fly over the rivers filled not with water, but with music streaming into the seas. This is the unexpectedly joyous tale of the title track of Gloria, the new album by Longital, Slovakia’s best-loved indie band. Spaced out electronics and rockabilly guitar solos, samples of melting icebergs and bowed electric guitar are enveloped by achingly beautiful duets between co-conspirators Daniel Salontay and Shina, the man and woman behind the band.

[Slnko records, 2006]

Adventurous voyagers of song, riding two electric dogs and carrying the flag of lucid songwriting into the 21st century. Do not see the cello on stage? Well it's just bowed guitar.