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  • Nový videoklip Slová

    Nový videoklip Slová

    New Longital video – Slová (video):  „It’s about a situation when one knows what to say but cannot find the right word. Asif I browsed for the word in a dictionary and the particular word I am looking for is erased, or feels awkward at the moment. Maybe a disorder or just an intuitive…

  • LONGITAL SUITA new video and tour in October

    New video LONGITAL SUITA, our project with string quartet, is from concert at Radio Head Awards Festival in 2017. A new string arrangement of the song DIvoko/Wildely from our recent album, just in time to support the forthcoming autumn tour of Longital Suita. Music lovers can enjoy Longital songs with the string quartet in 5…

  • Longital Suita Tour

    We are announcing a special tour of Slovakia with the string quartet in October: 13 Trnava, 14 Košice, 15 Žilina, 19 Bratislava, 20 Banská Bystrica. Presale on the link Milí naši, pripravili sme pre Vás turné Longital Suita vo vyberaných priestoroch.

  • Back to Serbia! @ MalomFesztivál

    Very excited to be back to Serbia. See us on Thursday 16th August at Malomfesztivál. Check for details at

  • Longital @ Pohoda Festival

    Thank you all the wonderful people at Pohoda Festival. Seating galleries in the back were closed due to security reasons. We managed to turn back the storm in the end!

  • Shina jamming with Dominic Miller

    We had a blast at concert in Pacov 2nd June. Dominic Mioller (Stings guitarist) watched our show and after he asked for all Longital CDs and invited Shina to jam/sing in the song Bring On The Night.

  • Album Greeting The Sun and new song The Porcelain Castle

    Album Greeting The Sun and new song The Porcelain Castle

    Our label Slnko (=Sun) records is celebrating its fourteenth anniversary and its 100th title! The anniversry album is called Greeting The Sun and it is actually a present from musicians to the label, covering other label mates or collaborating with them on a new track. We have contributed with the reinterpretation of The Porcelain Castle,…

  • New Video Spokojná a sýta / Content And Sated

    A new video for song Spokojná a seta / Content And Sated by Longital from album Divoko / Wildly nominated for Radio Head Award 2016. Written and animated by Michaelam Mašánová, the video is second collaboration between the band and the visual Artist which started in 2010 song Zlatá / My dear from the album…

  • LONGITAL back to poland for one show at Slow Life festival, Ladek-zdroj

    LONGITAL back to poland for one show at Slow Life festival, Ladek-zdroj

    We are happy to announce that after few years Longital is heading back to Poland to play a show at Slow – Life festival in beautiful town of Ladek-Zdroj. Details

  • New composition DIV DIVÚCI – WONDER OF WONDERS and video

    Composition DIV DIVÚCI – WONDER OF WONDERS was specially created for fompilation Ostrov hudby – An island of music to the memory of our dear friend and music journalist Juraj Kušnierik. One year ago Juraj went to his beloved Iceland to take part at the Icleandic Airwaves Festival and passed away there. Full compilation: