New Animated Video

We are happy to present new video created by artist Eva Delinčáková on fjords in Volda, Norway. Here is Eva's story of this unique piece of animation: "When I came to Norway (film academy in Volda), I worked on several short animated projects but I knew I wanted to make Longital video here. I had ideal conditions here, a lot of talented collaborators and professional stop motion equipment. Norway is beautiful and wild, same as the music of Longital..." View the video:

Director: Eva Delinčáková
Animation: Eva Delinčáková (SK), Marine Duchet (FR)
Collaboration: Marine Duchet (FR), Thomas (FR), Darinka (HU), Ross (CZ) and many friends
Created with love on Fjords in Volda, Norway in January 2011
Original album: Longital – Teraz / Now

Making of the video (continued):
"...First I was listening to the music and let the pictures appear in my imagination. Then I made loads of sketches of symbols that descried the ideas. Sometimes they came quickly and sometimes I got stuck and that point my boyfriend helped me out of the deadlock with his feedback. Then I started to develop the techniques for the video. Glass and colours are magical to me and I have to confess that the animation work on this project was an art therapy for me. With the help of Marine, a French animator, we experimented with transparent kitchen foils, coloured ink, wool, glass and plexiglass. The studio was in the basement of the school and sometimes I was leaving before dawn after animating all night long. The animation took 3 weeks and I had several collaborators. Coloured Ink is very difficult to work with, it is hard to control and changes its colour when drying, so we had to animate on 5 glasses, quickly and without breaks. I have never seen this kind of technique before, so maybe we created something really unique..."