Review Výprava/Voyage EN - Signal to Noise

“One can happily enjoy the music of Slovak duo Longital (formerly Dlhé Diely) without ever considering how smart it is. On Výprava / Voyage, gently bouncing bass, careful electric guitar, and rich vocals make for poppy, cleanly-produced indy rock with a touch of the blues that is easy on the ears. Peel it apart, however, and each piece is its own delight.

Daniel Salontay doesn't waste an extra note on oud and electric guitar, and applies a bow to his strings with great effect. He begins the album's capping track, “Na mori” (On the Sea), with a sublimely delicate loop of notes that harks back to his almost Zen arrangements on earlier albums September and Tu. Partner Šina then falls in with a signature bass line; full and melancholy, with a hint of jazz. Her vocals, meanwhile, emphasize melody, successfully disarming any listener's frustrations at not understanding the Slovak lyrics (translations come in the booklet). Salontay, who recently won a contest for remixing a track by Warp's Coldcut, built the drum loops on the band's “third member”, a minidisc player. Together, the duo, which manages its own label, Slnko records, in Bratislava has produced an album more rambunctious than their previous, excellent Sveta diely, and proven again why they're a mainstay of the Czech and Slovak alternative scene.”

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