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10th Anniversary Slnko Records

Our home label Slnko Records that we have nourished since its birth is 10 years old now. It was punctually on the 11th of February 2001 that we walked back home from Prasna Basta Restaurant and somewhere near the New UFO Bridge we got an idea about starting our own music label Slnko Records. After a sleepless night it became reality. Slnko means the Sun in Slovak language. Since then 41 original albums have been released, and the catalogue became the national treasue :). Every week from now you can please yourself with one album downloadable for free on Slnko webpage.

Currently you can have the very first release of Slnko records – the legendary album September, which is unavailable in physical form anymore. We recorded it with our old band named Dlhé Diely (Daniel Salontay, Shina, Martin Zajko, Ajdži Sabo) in 2001. Every next week there will be another album available, in the order as they were released.

As the Slnko records webpage is entirely in Slovak language, here are instructions on how to get the album in 6 easy steps:
1. go to page http://www.slnkorecords.sk/sr_album.php?id=1
2. click on underlined link „Stiahnuť zadarmo“ (means free download) below on this page
3. a new page will open with the following fields in the central area:
E-mail* … enter your email here
Meno a priezvisko … Enter your name here
4. click the underlined text „Prihlásiť“ (means submit and verify)
5. now go to your email inbox where you will find email from Slnkorecords, open the email and click on the link provided in the email body.
6. New internet browser window will open with Slnkorecords download page. In the middle of this page you will find underlined text/link saying : „Stiahnuť album – Daniel Salontay, Dlhé diely: September“
Click on this link and the download will start.

Congratulations with your first lesson in Slovak language!
Please be patient with the download, there might be few more fans downloading the album at the same time.
If you are facing any problems with the download, write us on longital@longital.com and we will help you.

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