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A recording made in duvets for Iva Bittova a Pavel Fajt

Longital has reinterpreted the song „Periny/Duvets“ originally by Iva Bittová Pavel Fajt. Special recording was made on request for the compilation album “Brzo na mě přijde řada”, which is a tribute to the legendary music scene that emerged from the city of Brno. Longital’s recording is placed alongside other artists from Czech Republic (Dva, Midilidi, Květy, OTK, Bonus a LineUp, Čokovoko aj.), Poland (Napszyklat), Slovakia (Pjoni) and UK (Alex Mountaineer). Staying true to the track title „Duvets“, our recording was made in bed. Listen to the beats and sounds made in the pillows here:

Longital – Periny (Original by Iva Bittova & Pavel Fajt) by Longital

Album released by: http://os.fleda.cz/

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