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concerts with Lenka Dusilova & Baromantika, new album and other pleasures

We have been planning to capture our current concert sound with drums and piano for some time. It seems that we have managed to do that last week in Prague’s renowned studio Jamor with Ondrej Jezek behind the mix. New album is due to be released in May and we will soon start with some interesting leaks of sounds, video and information.

Until then, you will be most welcome at some of our shows, here is a video invite from rehearsals at our secret place:

http://youtu.be/QiKOOoLGVC4 (footage and edit by Pavel Mezihorák)

Joint concerts Longital with Lenka Dusilová & Baromantika

We have known lenka for over ten years, witnessing her career and transformation from wild unsettled rocker to self confident and exceptionally creative artist. Her current project with the band Baromantika is breathtaking, so we are honored to share stage with her on the following dates:

18. 2. SK Bratislava, Ateliér Babylon
19.2. SK Žilina, Stanica
21.2. CZ Valašské Meziříčí, M klub

Presale of tickets in Bratislava: http://www.ticketportal.sk/event.aspx?id=19747
Fcb event: https://www.facebook.com/events/358952244257774/

Longital on Radio FM:
on the occasion of joint tour we will perform live on Radio Fm on Tuesday 17th February at 8 a.m. along with Marian Slavka on drums and piano. More info about this live appearance and interview : http://fm.rtvs.sk/relacie/rano-na-efemku/74104/longital-live

Further upcoming shows of new Longital:

18. 2. SK Bratislava, Ateliér Babylon (dvojkoncert s L.D.)
19.2. SK Žilina, Stanica (dvojkoncert s L.D.)
20.2. SK Martin, Mestská Scéna
21.2. CZ Valašské Meziříčí, M klub (dvojkoncert s L.D.)
3.4. CZ Pardubice, Divadlo 29
14.4. CZ Olomouc, Divadlo hudby
16.4. SK Košice
17.4. SK Prešov, Christiania
18.4. SK Bombura
15.5. CZ Milevsko

The snow has melted here, but we are hoping for more 🙂

Yours Daniel and Shina from the Longital Hills

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