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Dlhé diely videos

From today on we have launched the Dlhe VideoViely channel on youtube:
Every week from now it will present one recording of our earlier band Dlhe Diely (2000-2005) with nice pictures collected from our fans.

Here is some historical background of Longital and how it is related to the band Dlhé diely:

2000 – Daniel and Shina formed the band Dlhe diely and recorded 4 albums under this name. On recordings and also live shows they were joined by different musicians at different periods – mostly drummers (Ajdži Sabo, Marian Slávka), another guitarist (Martin Zajko) or keyboard player (Peter Lipa ml)

2005 – Daniel and SHina changed the band name to Longital. Since then they compose, record and perform at shows as duo, with the help of electronics

The project Dlhe VideoDiely starts with the opening song – prelude „Prichod/Arrival“ on Dlhe Diely’s third album entitled „Tu/Here“.

We hope you will like it and find some favorite sounds in these recordings. If you happen to have a photo which somehow relates to the Music of Dlhe diely or Longital, please do not hesitate and send it to dlhevideodiely@gmail.com with some information about you and the picture. We will gladly use it in one of our upcoming videos

here is the first video from the series:

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