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Longital 2010 – The Year in Review

2010 was a great year, full of things that we did for the first time in our lives.

Is started out in March with the first US tour, a formative experience, the highlight of which was at SXSW festival in Austin.

In May we played gig in our hometown Bratislava which was recorded and released as „Longital Long Live“ and brought us the Tatra Banka Academy Arts award

for the best musical act later in the year. Our first live album ever, too.

July and August were magical months during which we would took long walks early in the morning and worked at our home studio on the new album during the day. For the first time we did not have any prepared material before the recording started. The title of the new album is Teraz, means Now. It was born out of the desire to express freedom in life, music, etc.

Released on 22 October, we celebrated the newly launched CD on tour with the swell season (Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova) and it looks like the energy we put into the album is transferable to the listeners!

Before that in September we premiered the feature-length film „The Sun is Rising“ at the Music and Film Festival in Bratislava, directed by Peter Kovacik.

November brought us the Tatra Banka Award for best musical act. Longital webpage redesigned in this month, too.

To complete the full circle, towards end of 2010 we got invitation to SXSW Austin 2011.

In between of all of this we played 89 shows in the US, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, France and Switzerland.

We are thankful that we have not lost our dear ones and that we have met some new friends for life. Looking forward to 2011 which we will start off with hibernating, then skiing, and when it gets warmer, we will do what we love most and what keeps us alive: touring.

See you soon at concerts.

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