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The Sun is Rising – Documentary movie is now viewable in full length

Filmed in 2009 and finished in 2010 by director Peter Kovacik. 48 min, English subtitles.
The movie features footage from Longital home, tour in the Czech Republic, interviews and some rare acoustic performances in unusual surroundings. Follow to read more and watch:

In the summer 2009 we were visited in Bratislava by our friend PIO (Piotr Kalinski) from Krakow, Poland, the author of cover graphics on albums Voyage, revoyaged and Teraz. Two headed filming crew (Timo Krizka and Michal Balaz) joined the party and we set on a journey by PIO’s old Wolskwagen Transporter named Wall-e, in the direction of the picturesque South Czech Republic. The footage shot on the tour was then organized and edited by Peter Kovacik, documentary film director and the author of the idea. Some additional footage was made later that year in our house on Dlhe Diely hill (Longital) in Bratislava. The credit for English subtitles goes to Matej Gyarfas.

sun is shining from Peter Kovacik on Vimeo.

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